Alexi Portikallis

Ashleigh Coleman was born in the mountains of Virginia.  She received her BA in Art History andEnglish from the University of South Carolina.  Since 2010, Ashleigh has lived in rural Mississippi where her work explores the themes of family, landscape, and history. 

Her work recently exhibited at The University of Southern Mississippi, The University of West Virginia, Feature Shoot in NYC, Fischer Galleries, SlowExposures,  South X Southeast Gallery, Southeastern Center for Photography, and ArtSpace 86.  

Online her work has appeared in Eyes on the South by Oxford American, Looking at Appalachia, Photo of the Day by Don’t Take Pictures, and 51 Instagram Photographers to Follow in the U.S. by Time LightBox.  

Recent publications include Oxford American Magazine, Garden & Gun Magazine, Okra Magazine, Let’s Explore Magazine, and Southern Glossary Magazine.